Production automation

Modern 4.0 factories - that's where our devices are made

4.0 factories are fully automated production lines. It is the integration of people, digitally controlled machines, the Internet and information technology. Midea has invested over $ 760 million to improve automation processes. This allowed for increased production efficiency with less human intervention, which also translates into the quality of the manufactured products, the pass rate of which is at the level of 99.9%.

Intelligent production at Midea Smart Factory is the most modern technological solution that provides constant and reliable quality of devices. It is also cost and loss optimization, which, combined with process automation, has shortened the production cycle by 22%.

Interestingly, production of a remote controller at Midea's factory takes only about 7 seconds!

50 years of experience

150 000 + employess

312 on the list Fortune Global 500

200 + countries

15 production bases in China

18 production bases in the world

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