Midea Group

Midea Group with its headquarter in China, is a leading technology company, specializing in HVAC systems, consumer equipment, industrial automation and robotics.

Midea offers the most comprehensive range of products in the world, from home appliances to advanced air-conditioning technologies. It is the undisputed No. 1 in the world in many product categories (Euromonitor research). Midea continually improves its products, focusing primarily on efficiency, innovation and usability of the proposed solutions.

50 lat doświadczenia

150 000+ pracowników

307 miejsce na liście Fortune Global 500

200+ Krajów i regionów

15 baz produkcyjnych w Chinach

18 baz produkcyjnych na świecie

Certyfikaty i nagrody

Najbardziej wszechstronny producent urządzeń HVAC.

No 1
No 1 brand in the category of cooling/air-conditioning appliances (Euromonitor 2019 research)
Blue Angel
Certificate of the German environmental protection agency for energy-saving devices
Laur Klienta
2020 and 2021 Golden Emblem in the category "Quality and innovation - air-conditioners"
Certificates issued by the industry organization of European manufacturers of ventilation and air-conditioning devices aimed at standardization of units technical specifications
UNIDO certificate granted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation for involvement in environmentally-oriented activities
The HYGIENE CERTIFICATE issued by the National Institute of Hygiene assesses the product's safety
Manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with EU requirements regarding safety, health and environmental protection
Obligatory Chinese certification for products placed on the market
Energy Star - an international program aimed at promotion of energy efficient products and reduction of the greenhouse gases emission
TÜV SÜD certificate - synonymous with principles of safety, confidence, reliability and impartiality, not only in Germany, but also in the world.
The IECEE-CB system is aimed at limiting the international trade barriers
Fortune Global
Annual ranking of the world's 500 largest corporations
Global Forbes
Annual ranking of the 2000 best companies in the world according to Forbes magazine
Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of the most prestigious industrial design competitions in the world
AHAM Certificate - the certificate guarantees that the product has been tested for the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) coefficient in accordance with the ANSI- / AHAM-AC-1 procedure

The history of the Midea brand


Setting up a business


Commencement of activity in household appliance industry


"Midea" trademark registration


Commencement of activity in RAC industry


Initial public offering on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange


VRF systems production


Joint Venture with Toshiba - Carrier


The acquisition of Little Swan, establishment of FMCC


Patent-pending ECOtech technology


Partnership with Toshiba, Clivet, Kuka


Acquisition of Kuka and Servtronix shares


Introduction of the premium label AEG with Electrolux


The latest V6R heat recovery technology

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