Which of Midea air-conditioners is the quietest?

Date added: 12.11.2020

Midea is a manufacturer of a wide range of air-conditioning products, which include the simplest solutions in the form of wall-mounted SPLIT type air-conditioners. To verify which of the products is characterized by the lowest level of noise emission, we need to answer the question: is it about operation on the lowest or the highest speed, i.e. when the wall-mounted unit achieves nominal cooling capacity. In case of the first condition, the quietest wall-mounted units from Midea's product line-up are Breezeless+ and Xtreme Save (new for 2020) models, which can boast the sound emission of 19dB(A) (like rustle of leaves). The quietest air-conditioner operating on the highest speed can be also referred to our newest solution – Xtreme Save model with 37 dB(A) (like quietly on the radio), thereby showing how advanced the air-conditioning systems have become year-over-year.

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