Perforated louvers are conquering the hvac market

Date added: 09.11.2021

Midea has introduced into the market a new cassette type air-conditioner, that definitely distinguishes itself among other devices by its functionality. Slim Breezeless is equipped with perforated louvers, 360° air-flow, air direction adjustment and at the same time its operation noise is reduced to the minimum. Most importantly, the air-conditioner is already on sale!


The Slim Breezeless cassette is one of the major technological innovations in the market. It is distinguished by the structure and functionality. Perforated louvers with thousands of micro-holes provide gentle blast of air. That is exactly what the wall-mounted Breezeless air-conditioner offers. It was the basis for developing a solution that is perfect for offices, receptions, restaurants or meeting rooms. The Breezeless cassette is the air-conditioning system hidden in the ceiling, that you cannot hear. The unit is equipped with an innovative design of Wind Track flow-through duct, thanks to which the stream of air becomes stronger and unit’s operation is quieter. Although the air-flow performance is higher for 20%, you need not to worry about too strong breath of air. The 360° air-flow in combination with the above mentioned lovers cools down and heats up air in gentle and pleasant manner.

Are you too hot or too cold, when others at the same time feel more comfortable? With single click you can stop blowing air in your direction. The new Midea air-conditioner features four cooling options, air-flow direction adjustment and zone control.

We have also some important  news for installers! The Breezeless cassette is easy to install and service. Space for pipe connections has been enlarged  by 12 mm and thus the access is trouble-free. A handy mounting hook will also facilitate the works. Furthermore, it is easier to gain access to the drain pump, which is now located outside the flow-through duct. This also has impact on the increase of heat exchanger’s surface. What is important, the drain pan is made of the highest quality plastic. Its thickness has increased to 1,7 mm, that affects durability and prevents corrosion.

A movie from the training room that presents live operation of the unit is now available on our YouTube channel.

Order the Slim Breezeless cassette air-conditioner.

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