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Date added: 18.10.2021

Maximum use of energy, synergy of the units, minimum costs and also limiting global warming – that is how the “Green Home” project from Midea shapes up.

“Green Home” is a solution for smart homes, designed for the purpose of reduction in energy consumption to minimum and therefore support global assumption associated with an increase in energy efficiency and limiting global warming. The plan was unveiled during the conference “Green perspective, blue future” among experts in industry as well as in the field of climate policy.

Smart home developed by Midea is a smooth integration of three interoperating systems – energy production, energy and home management. The surplus energy can be send to the system, which stores it. Next, it is used as a primary source of energy during night or supports the entire neighbourhood by transferring energy to other households. An advanced Midea’s algorithm allows the energy management system to implement and coordinate solar energy production, its storage, charging and discharge. This in turn may work together with MSmartLife system in order to supply all smart home devices, like air-conditioners, washing machine, fridge, small household appliances. Such energy-independent  home uses the complete set of cutting-edge technology from Midea, thereby maximising use of energy, in line with the company’s outlook – elimination of carbon dioxide emissions from the household. See video.

It is not the first pro-environmental activity of the global leader in the field of air treatment. The outstanding contribution to fight against climate change was noticed by United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Midea worked for 10 years on a project, which aimed to create a solution that replaces HCFC-22 refrigerant with propane (R-290). According to UNIDO data, this project has eliminated 13.2 tonnes of ozone-depleting potential and reduced emission equivalent to 967 490 tonnes of CO2 annually.


Source: pap.pl

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