What is the best place in a room to install an air-conditioner?

Date added: 12.11.2020

The place of indoor unit installation should ensure free air circulation in the room. The air-conditioner should not be obstructed with curtains, draperies or furniture. When selecting the place for an air-conditioner you need to take the furniture arrangement into account – it is important, that the cold air is not discharged directly to the usually occupied places, like bed, armchair or sofa. This can cause feeling of cold and consequently lead to disease. It is the safest to place the unit under the ceiling – so the cold and warm air is mixed and then it falls down. In order for the supplied air to be the most efficient, the air-conditioner should be placed above room door. Another important criterion is the orientation of the spaces in relation to the points of compass. The highest cooling demand is required by those located on the southern and western side of the building.

The appropriate place for the air-conditioner can also affect the noise level. Units should not be placed close to bed or in a corner – the eventually generated noise shall not be easily distributed across the room, but is reflected from three hard surfaces – two walls and ceiling, thus become more powerful. It is the best when the unit is placed 20 cm from the ceiling and approximately 30 cm from side obstacles. 

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